Monday, January 18, 2021
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Dr. Chris Fisher - Company Officer

ChrisNanoVir,LLC. co-founder Dr. Chris Fisher is a cell and developmental biologist with extensive drug discovery experience. Prior to founding NanoVir, Dr. Fisher was a research advisor and senior scientist for Pharmacia Corporation, formerly The Upjohn Company. Within Pharmacia Dr. Fisher has played a leading role in key drug discovery projects charged with investigating and targeting the molecular machinery regulating cell division. Dr. Fisher also served on the faculty of the University of Washington School of Medicine where he was funded by the National Institutes of Health for studies of embryonic development and cell biology.

Among other works, Dr. Fisher is recognized as co- author of the "Hen's tooth" paper, a classic work in evolutionary biology. Dr. Fisher co-founded NanoVir with Dr. Bashkin in 2003.

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