Monday, January 18, 2021
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About NanoVir

SW-MI-Industrial-Center---NNanoVir is a drug research company committed to the discovery of treatments for human papillomavirus or HPV using novel chemical and biological approaches to develop DNA-targeted therapies. By targeting HPV DNA rather than more traditional antiviral targets, the company has identified a series of compounds that dramatically reduce the viral DNA load of cells harboring the virus.

NanoVir was founded in 2003 by Drs. Chris Fisher and James Bashkin, both of whom bring extensive pharmaceutical and university research credentials to the company. Their HPV research has been consistently recognized by the scientific community through invited presentations and funding.

NanoVir’s research into therapies that target the viral genome offers real hope for a treatment of HPV-related pathologies. The company is obtaining data for the FDA, and the start of human clinical trials may occur within the next four years.


The Southwest Michigan Innovation Center is a 58,000 square-foot incubator/accelerator designed to provide wet-lab space...Read More...

Dr. James Bashkin

NanoVir, LLC. co-founder Dr. James Bashkin is also research associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University...Read More...

Dr. Chris Fisher

NanoVir,LLC. co-founder Dr. Chris Fisher is a cell and developmental biologist with extensive drug discovery experience. Read More...

NanoVir Patent Filings


Polyamides for Treating Human Papillomavirus; US 2007/0293417 A1; Filed May 4, 2007; Inventors: James K. Bashkin... Read More...

Funding History

NanoVir's promising research into DNA-targeted treatments for HPV has been consistently recognized by the scientific funding community...Read More...